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Finding Standards: Introduction

This is a guide to finding British Standards, Irish Standards published by NSAI and EN European Standards

Primary Resource for finding Construction related standards : CIS Databse

The Construction Information Service (CIS) Database is the primary source of construction and building related Standards.

Here you will find BS British Standards, European Standards EN and IS Irish Standards.

The  video tutorial above demonstrates how to search for and download standards and related material from the CIS database.

This Database is limited to information relevant to the Irish and UK Construction Industry. All documents can be downloaded in full-text.

For All Other Engineering Standards : NSAI Standards Database (i2i)

The  NSAI Standards Database provides access to all Irish (I.S.), European (EN) and International (ISO) standards. Standards can be read on screen or downloaded in fulltext.(when available). 

Print Standards held at Library Desk

The Library has a limited number of standards in its collection. They are listed on the catalogue. You search for a standard in the same way as any other library item, by standard number,  title or author. Standards are currently held at the Library Desk as reference items. i.e you can only read reference items in the library. Ask at the Library desk for more information.

Standard Publishers

The National Standards Authority of Ireland
British Standards Institution
European Committee for Standardization. The On-line Catalogue of European Standards allows you to find all published European Standards (EN) and other approved documents directly in the catalogues of its’ National Members.