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Search and Find: Online Resources: Exporting Records to EndNote Online

IT Carlow Library's guide to using Search and Find : Online Resources to search online articles and databases

Exporting Records from Search and Find to Endnote Basic

EndNote Basic is a software tool for collecting, organising and formatting references, and can be used to create a bibliography for a project, dissertation or thesis. To use this product it is necessary to register and create an account (free) by going to:

Once an account has been set up it is possible to export references from the Search and Find: Online Resources search service to EndNote Basic by the following method:

  • Exporting records to Endnote Basic from the Search and Find Saved Items folder.

When a search of Search and Find : Online Resources is performed and records have been saved into the Saved Items folder using the   icon these items can be exported to EndNote Online by opening the Saved Items folder  and selecting the required references and then the Export option:


On the next screen selected the Direct Export to EndNote Online option:

 and click on Save

NOTE: it is recommended that EndNote Basic is opened before starting the export process – if EndNote Basic has not been opened, the login screen will be shown before the export is completed.

Once finished EndNote Basic will display a confirmation that the export has successfully completed:

Further help on using EndNote Basic can be found at

Downloadable guide