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Search and Find: Online Resources: Creating a Personal Account

IT Carlow Library's guide to using Search and Find : Online Resources to search online articles and databases

Creating a Personal Account in Search and Find

A personal account can be created in the Search and Find: Online Resources service. This can be used to permanently store saved references from search results, save searches, export references into a citation manager and to set personal preferences.

To create a personal account, go to the Search and Find home page at: 

Log in to Search and Find: Online Resources using your email address/password before proceeding.

On the Search and Find search home page select the link from the top menu bar:

On the Sign In page select the Sign Up link:

Create a new account – more information on how to do this can be found here

Once you have created a personal account you will be able to sign in and use this whenever you are searching Search and Find.

PLEASE NOTE: the Search and Find personal account username/password is only for signing into a Search and Find personal account when searching. It cannot be used for the institutional login to Search and Find: this can only be done with a institutional email address/password. When using Search and Find, the personal account username/password should only be used after logging into Search and Find using the institutional email address/password.

Once an account has been created use the link to access the personal account settings and stored material whenever required. NOTE: the personal account will remain open until the Sign Out  link is selected or the Search and Find session is closed. It is recommended that the  option is used to ensure that logout is completed correctly.

Using the Personal Account

(a) Updating Preferences

Personal preferences can be updated by selecting the Preferences link on the top tool bar:

This opens the preferences page – the most useful preferences to set are Citation Format (to the Harvard style), Email address (enter your preferred email address to send Search and Find records to), Export Settings (to send Search and Find references to the preferred citation management tool). Click on Save to store preferences.


(b) Saving searches – it is possible to save a search strategy into the personal account.

After completing a Search and Find ; Online Resources search and retrieving the search results, select the Search History option: 

This will open the list of searches:

Select the required search(es) and then the Save Searches/Alerts link – this will open a further page to set required options for the saved search:

Set Name/Description/Save Search As and then Save – the search will then be saved into the personal folder which can be viewed whenever the Search and Find personal account is signed into:


(c) Saving references

Search results can be permanently saved into a folder by signing into a personal account before starting to save references from a results list.

Once a Search and Find search has been completed and a series of results are being displayed, use the  link to open the personal account. Required references from the results list can be saved into a personal account folder using the save icon on the right-hand side of the reference:

This can be done for all required references in a results list.

Selecting the folder icon from the top menu bar, will allow the saved references to be displayed:

The right-hand options on the saved reference folder display can be used to save, email and export selected references as required.

Further information on using personal accounts can be found in the Search and Find : Online Resources help pages here