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Architecture and Related Subjects: Introduction

A guide to SETU Carlow Library for Architecture and related subjects



Welcome to the Library service of SETU Carlow.  The services provided by the Library include book lending, individual and group study facilities, photocopying, information retrieval service and access to a range of online databases.

The Library holds a broad range of resources both printed and electronic to support the subject area of Architecture. These include books, journals, case studies, databases, official publications, newspapers and various other items.

To facilitate the research process, this guide provides a brief outline of how to search for these different types of material.


NBS Building

NBS Building

NBS Building enables the user to write concise, technically accurate and up-to-date specifications for building projects. This set is contained in 14 loose-leaf binders which are updated throughout the year. A Word Processing Disc, to be used in conjunction with the binders forms part of the set. The disc contains the NBS clauses which can be edited on screen to produce the specification document. Discs are available at the Library Desk.