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Media and Public Relations: Websites


European Audiovisual Observatory

European information portal for the audiovisual sector.

MCS – Media and Communications Portal

The MCS (pronounced 'mix') site is an award-winning portal or 'meta-index' to internet-based resources useful in the academic study of media and communication. It is British-based and is intended to give priority to issues of interest to both British scholars in the field and to others who are interested in media in the UK.

WWW Virtual Library

The WWW Virtual Library (VL) is the oldest catalogue of the Web, started by Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of HTML and of the Web itself, in 1991 at CERN in Geneva. Unlike commercial catalogues, it is run by a loose confederation of volunteers, who compile pages of key links for particular areas in which they are expert; even though it isn't the biggest index of the Web, the VL pages are widely recognised as being amongst the highest-quality guides to particular sections of the Web.

Media, Broadcasting & Journalism

BAI: Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland was established on 1st October 2009 to regulate content across all broadcasting, assuming the roles previously held by the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI) and the Broadcasting Complaints Commission (BCC).

Journalism Resources

Compiled and edited by Karla Tonella, University of Iowa. – Online home of the Project for Excellence in Journalism

The Project for Excellence in Journalism is a research organization that specializes in using empirical methods to evaluate and study the performance of the press. It is non partisan, non ideological and non political. Our goal is to help both the journalists who produce the news and the citizens who consume it develop a better understanding of what the press is delivering.

Media Live

Medialive is one of the most comprehensive Media Information resources on the Internet and is available free of charge. It will be of particular interest to anyone involved with the Advertising / Media business in Ireland. Updated on a daily basis the Medialive Website contains a comprehensive range of information covering all media in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The Media Show is Ireland’s only television programme dealing exclusively with media and marketing topics. This monthly half hour show features in-depth interviews with senior advertising industry figures, and a look at developments in television, radio and print.




Online resource of archived press advertisings from 1940 to present day

Advertising Archives

The Advertising Archives was established in 1990 by Larry and Suzanne Viner and is the largest and most comprehensive resource of its kind in Europe. Our collection spans the years from the mid 19th Century to the present day.

Advertising Association

The Advertising Association is a UK federation of 31 trade bodies and organisations representing the advertising and promotional marketing industries including advertisers, agencies, media and support services. See the Information Centre for information for Advertisers, parents, students and researchers for including a number of guides, a series of student briefings, statistics and lists of recommended books.

Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland

The Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland is the independent self-regulatory body set up and financed by the advertising industry and committed, in the public interest, to promoting the highest standards of marketing communications, that is, advertising, promotional marketing and direct marketing.

International Advertising Association

Excellent links page to resources.


Public Relations

CIPR: Chartered Institute of Public Relations

The eyes, ears and voice of the public relations industry.

Euprera: European Public Relations Education and Research Association

The European Public Relations Education and Research Association (EUPRERA) is an autonomous organisation that aims at stimulating and promoting the knowledge and practice of public relations education and research in Europe. Consequently, the academic staff and researchers constitute the explicit target group of the organisation.

Marketing Nation

Marketing Nation is the new business development tool for suppliers to UK PR and marketing professionals who need up-to-date and verified contact information.

PRII: Public Relations Institute of Ireland

The Public Relations Institute of Ireland is the professional association representing over 1,100 PR practitioners, communicators and students in Ireland. The Institute aims to promote best practice via a range of continuous professional development initiatives including the PRII-accredited Diploma in Public Relations, an annual conference and a series of invitation-led speaker forums.

PRCA: Public Relations Consultants Association (Ireland)

The Public Relations Consultants Association of Ireland represents the interests of the majority of PR consultancies operating in this country. Established in 1989, it provides a forum for members to communicate with each other, as well as with government and other public bodies and associations. It also aims to represent the PR sector in the media.

P.R. Studies: Richard Bailey’s PR Education Blog

Public Relations Blog.


A campaigning site which aims to monitor, investigate and expose the less savoury aspects of public relations and lobbying within the UK and beyond. Although its campaigning nature must be recognised, it nevertheless provides a subject category of articles and news covering big business, government, finance and broadcasting.





British Film Institute

Information and links to all the bfi's activities from Film festivals and the IMAX cinema, to publications and education activities.

British Universities Film and Video Council

The British Universities Film & Video Council (BUFVC) is a representative body which promotes the production, study and use of moving image, sound and related media in higher education and research. It was founded in 1948 as the British Universities Film Council and became the British Universities Film & Video Council in 1983.

Exposure: the Internet Resource for Low-Budget Film-makers

Everything you need to know to get started shooting your film.

Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland

The Irish Film Board is Ireland's national film agency.  Whether you are making a film, need to know about funding incentives or simply want to learn more about the Irish film industry - you will find what you need to know here.

International Federation of Film Archives

Founded in Paris in 1938, FIAF is a collaborative association of the world's leading film archives whose purpose has always been to ensure the proper preservation and showing of motion pictures. Today, more than 120 archives in over 65 countries collect, restore, and exhibit films and cinema documentation spanning the entire history of film.

The Internet Movie Database

Movie and TV website.

I.F.T.N: Irish Film and Television Net

Your gateway to the Irish film and television industry. Irish Film and Television Network (IFTN) is Ireland's premier film information service. The award-winning IFTN site is the most comprehensive news service and directory ever produced for the Irish Film and Television industry. It is up-dated daily, providing information about all aspects of the Irish audio-visual industry.