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Copyright: Irish Copyright Licensing Agency License

IT Carlow Library's guide to copyright

What is the ICLA?

The Irish Copyright Licensing Agency (ICLA) is a licensing body under part 149 of the Copyright Act 2000, where a licensing agency is defined as a body whose main objective is the granting of licenses that allow the undertaking of action that otherwise would be prohibited under copyright law.

The ICLA's role is to provide, for a fee, licenses to schools, business, institutions etc. to use copyrighted work in a greater way than could be done otherwise.

What can you copy?


10% or one chapter from a book, if it does not exceed the 10% threshold of the book as a whole. Full works, for example, full text of a book can not be taken and photocopied, this applies only to one work on one course of study. 

In the case of short stories and poems, the whole work can be copied as long as it is below 10 pages. 

However it must be noted that this only applies to material that the Institute owns, either through owning a copy of the item or a subscription to a database that holds the item. 


In the case of a journal article or periodical online or offline you may copy the full text of one article but only one article from that particular issue of the journal or periodical. 

It is now possible to copy up to 10% of a website page content under the license however this is dependent on the website's policy in relation to this around copying content.   


You can copy illustrations that are in an article or work you have copied using the license before without providing the text.  

Irish Copyright Licensing Agency



The Irish Copyright Licensing Agency (ICLA) represents Ireland’s authors, publishers and visual creators to license the use of their copyright works in return for just compensation. 

ICLA licenses cover a wide range of both Irish and overseas publications. However, some categories of works and some individual works are not covered by some of their licenses, these are found in the excluded Irish works list.

ICLA Licence Information

Terms & Conditions of the Higher Education license can be found here, (please note that this is the current license at the time of writing so it may change. 

Other restrictions and making accessible copies

It must be noted that this only applies to material that the institute owns either through owning a copy of the item or a subscription to a database that holds the item, also it applies to any work a lecturer may have access for instance a personal copy. 

Under no circumstances other than the exceptions mentioned under what to copy, can an entire work be copied. 

None of the licensed work should end up in the hands of third parties, either by direct contact or placing it in an online repository. 

The ICLA also has an excluded works list that states which works do not fall under the license.   

The copied work must also have a sufficient citation of the work the extract is copied from. 

Also to be clear this license does not supersede the licensing agreement the library has with the provider of any works, if there is any confusion about this please contact us and we will go over it with you. 

Accessible Copies

The ICLA license allows for the full copying of a work into a different form for any student who has disabilities that would affect them in studying the work e.g. visual impairment. 

The license allows for instutions to wholesale copying of one work into an accessible form. 

This can include alterations to make it easy for this person. 

However this comes with the caveat that this copy is only for the use of that impaired person and that there is no outside copies that have accessible options on them.