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Copyright: Copyright for Lecturers

IT Carlow Library's guide to copyright

Changes to Copyright due to Covid-19

Please note that due to the current crisis, the Irish Copyright Licensing Agency has temporarily relaxed the requirement for Higher Education Institutes to own an original copy of the material - this enables lecturers to make use of any extract of an original owned personally by them but which is not currently in the ownership of the licensed institution. This change is effective up to the 30th June 2020. Please remember to remove any items used for this purpose once they are no longer needed by this date. 

What should lecturers know about copyright

While under the educational exemption of fair dealing, due to being used for educational purposes, lecturers should understand that there are limits to what they can use in class under the terms of the ICLA agreement. As is the case with students all copyright works used should have a suitable attribution.

What can you copy?


10% or one chapter from a book, if it does not exceed the 10% threshold of the book as a whole. Full works, for example, full text of a book can not be taken and photocopied, this applies only to one work on one course of study. 

In the case of short stories and poems, the whole work can be copied as long as it is below 10 pages. 

However it must be noted that this only applies to material that the Institute owns, either through owning a copy of the item or a subscription to a database that holds the item. 


In the case of a journal article or periodical online or offline you may copy the full text of one article but only one article from that particular issue of the journal or periodical. 

It does not apply to online/website material. 


You can copy illustrations that are in an article or work you have copied using the license before without providing the text.  

Copyright checklist

Copyright checklist for uploading works to Blackboard:

Can the work just be linked to instead of being uploaded for example a link to the ebook or article in question?

In general online sources, especially if they are in the library collection, should be linked to rather than uploaded to avoid any copyright problems. Please see this guide for hopw to create persistent links to library material

What type of document is it?

Under the ICLA license there are works that are not allowed to be copied these include music sheets and government reports. Please go the ICLA excluded works document to find out which items are excluded.

Is it a library book or your own book?

The license only covers books that are owned by the college such as those in the library. If it is your own, normal copyright rules apply.

How much of the work are you uploading?

It is up to 10% or a chapter whatever is shorter when the license is applied to copies the institute owns or for personal copies up to 5% or a chapter.


Keep a record as the Irish Copyright Agency will expect an assessment as to the quantity of material used and this will impact on royalties paid to copyright owners and on the license agreement and fee the Institute pays.

Remember to remove any items made available for this purpose once no longer needed.