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Sports Science and Medicine: Books

General guide to library resources for Sports Science and Medicine

Finding Books

Books are arranged by subject according to the Dewey Classification System.  Each book in the Library is assigned a Dewey shelf number that identifies its subject matter.  This number can be found on the spine of the book. 

The following is a broad outline of the Dewey numbers that are relevant to Sports Science and Medicine:

  • 001 - 007        Computing
  • 500 - 599        Science, including:
  • 510                  Mathematics
  • 530                  Physics
  • 540                  Chemistry
  • 570                  Biological Sciences
  • 610 - 618         Medical Science, including:
  • 611                  Anatomy
  • 612                  Human Physiology
  • 613.7               Physical Fitness
  • 617.1027         Sports Injuries/Rehabilitation         
  • 658                  Business and Management
  • 796.01             Sport Psychology


At the SETU Carlow campus library the book collections are divided into three categories. The General Lending book collection from 001—699 is located on the ground floor (Stack 1-11) with the 700s—900s located on the first floor (Stack 21). Items from this collection can be borrowed for a loan period of one week.

The Short Loan collection is located on the ground floor (Stack 11). This collection contains items that are in high demand and can be borrowed for a period up to 48 hours.

The Reference collection is located on the first floor (Stack 22-23) and contains items such as dictionaries, encyclopaedias, directories, audio-visual material and handbooks. This collection also holds textbooks that are in high demand and are for library use only.

Using Library Search : Print Resources to find Books

On the Library homepage the default search on the Quick Search Menu is a SIMPLE search.  This search can be used  to research a topic if you do not have a specific author or title in mind.  Click the SEARCH button to execute the search.  The list of results will be sorted by relevancy.


When you click on a result, the full item details of that item are displayed. These include author, title, publisher, edition, description, the general subject area and shelf number location.

For more advanced searching options, link into the "click here " option. This links you to the "Advanced Search" screen, which allows you to complete a variety of combination searches using options such as keywords, author, title and shelf number.  You can also limit your results by item type, publication date range as well as library location.

For more information on searching Library Search : Print Resources, please see our LibGuide Using Library Search: Print Resources.



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