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SETU Carlow Campus 'Green' Library: Litter Policy

A guide looking at ways to improve our sustainability and energy efficiency within the library

Recycling News

Soft plastics are now able to be recycled in Ireland. Minister of State for the Circular Economy Ossian Smyth TD said soft plastic can be placed in the household recycling bin along with "rigid" plastic. The term "Soft plastics"  refers to plastics that can be scrunched in the hand, and include crisp bags, sweet wrappers, bread wrappers and various types of plastic film. The new arrangements come as a result of EU requirements, notably moves to put in place a “circular economy” and curb plastic pollution. Soft plastics have been added to the recycling list due to advancements in technology at Irish recycling facilities. The recyclable plastic is sent to specialised recycling facilities, or if it cannot be recycled it will be used as fuel for cement kilns instead of fossil fuels.

"Currently in Ireland we recycle less than a third of all plastic packaging waste. We have committed to increasing our plastic packaging recycling figure to 50% by 2025 and 55% by 2030.  "Today's announcement is a significant step towards achieving these targets," said Minister Smyth.

To recycle correctly, please ensure that items are CLEAN and DRY and LOOSE before them putting into the recycle bins.

For more information about recycling visit:

What Goes in the Bins?


  • Disposable face masks
  • Single use coffee cups
  • Single use plastic cups
  • Plastic Cultery
  • Used yoghurt pots
  • Glass 
  • Batteries and bulbs
  • Wet wipes 
  • Pens and Markers
  • Full salt & pepper sachets
  • Anything that has liquid or food scraps in it






  • Drink Cans  
  • Food Cans
  • Beer Bottle Lids


  • Bread wrappers
  • Fruit / veg and salad wraps
  • Plastic shopping / carrier bags
  • Ziploc bags
  • Dried fruit / seed and nut bags
  • Pasta / rice / noodle bags
  • Cheese packs outer wrap
  • Baked goods / Confectionary outer wrappers
  • Crisp / cracker wrappers
  • Bubble wrap
  • Water / juice Bottles
  • Milk / cream Bottles
  • Yogurt pots
  • Salad / fruit bowls
  • Chocolate/ biscuit trays
  • Take-away plastic containers


  • Newspapers 
  • Books 
  • Magazines
  • Empty Juice / Milk Cartons
  • Packaging Boxes 
  • Paper / Envelopes
  • Pizza Boxes


General Waste, Recycling and Organic Bins