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SETU Carlow Campus 'Green' Library: Sustainability in the Library

A guide looking at ways to improve our sustainability and energy efficiency within the library


Help us tackle the environmental issue of plastic bottles. Reduce the pollution produced by plastic water bottles, which end up in landfills and impact millions of animals and habitats. SETU Carlow Library is encouraging it's staff and students to bring their own water bottles instead of using plastic bottles or single use cups. Be sure to choose a socially-responsible and environmentally-friendly alternative, such as a reusable bottle made from stainless steel, glass, or safe aluminium.


Earth Day

Earth Day is an international day devoted to our planet. It draws attention to the environment and promotes conservation and sustainability.

Each year on 22 April, around 1 billion individuals across more than 190 countries take action to raise awareness of the climate crisis and bring about behavioural change to protect the environment. The Earth Day 2022 theme is Invest in Our Planet and features five primary programs: The Great Global Cleanup, Sustainable Fashion, Climate and Environmental Literacy, Canopy Project, Food and Environment, and the Global Earth Challenge. For more information visit

SETU Library participated in Earth Day 2022 by showcasing the libraries resources regarding sustainability and recycling. As part of our display we also incorporated tips for living a more environmentally friendly daily life.