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SETU Carlow Campus 'Green' Library: Paper Policy

A guide looking at ways to improve our sustainability and energy efficiency within the library

Think Before you Print!

If you have to print

  • Only print pages you need. 
  • Increase margins and reduce font size. 
  • Printing in black and white is preferable; colour toner is more expensive and has a greater environmental impact than black.
  • Print double-sided. A single printed page costs 6c where as a double sided page costs 9c.
  • Use print preview to avoid printing unnecessary pages.
  • Print multiple pages per sheet in Adobe Reader, Word, and PowerPoint.
  • To save costs on toner/ink, consider fonts that use less ink, such as Century Gothic or Garamond.

Make sure to put any paper you do not use into the Blue Recycle Bins located next to the printers and throughout the library

Cost of Printing / Photocopying

  • A4 Black & White - 6c single sided
  • A4 Black & White - 9c double sided
  • A4 Colour - 24c single sided
  • A4 Colour - 36c double sided
  • A3 Black & White - 45c single sided
  • A3 Colour - 70c single sided