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E-books: Ebook Central Bookshelf & Account

SETU Carlow Library's guide to using e-books

Using the Ebook Central Bookshelf and Account

The Ebook Central platform provides a personal bookshelf/account facility which can be used to store Ebook Central books for future use.

The account is accessible as soon as the SETU network username/password have been used to log in.

Once logged in, the personal Ebook Central account can be viewed by using the Settings option:

Selecting Profile will display the account details:

The following settings can be amended:

Email – to set an email address to which any content from Ebook Central can be sent.

Default Citation Style

Accessibility Mode

Note that the Email/Username setting is an anonymised network login display, and that there is a prompt to accept the Ebook Central terms and conditions.

Use the button to make amendments.

The option displays all bookshelves associated with a particular SETU network login – by default a bookshelf called Research is created. Other bookshelves can be created as required using the button.

The bookshelf displays recent and current activity in addition to showing all bookshelves:

The right-hand side of the bookshelf display offers a set of options:

these can be used for a variety of tasks:

- creates a permanent URL link to the bookshelf which can then be copied and pasted.

- enables a copy of the bookshelf contents to be emailed.

- exports the bookshelf contents as a .csv file.

- exports the contents of the bookshelf in a selected citation style.

- opens a selected book from the bookshelf for reading online.

- opens the table of contents for a selected book from the bookshelf.

- exports a selected book from the bookshelf in a selected citation style.

A further submenu of options for selected books is also available:

More information on using the bookshelf can be found at: or