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E-books: Using Ebook Central

SETU Carlow Library's guide to using e-books

Using Ebook Central

How to Start Reading Electronic Books (ebooks)

It is possible to download individual chapters of Ebook Central titles as .pdf files. To download a whole book to read offline, follow the instructions below:

Before starting to make use of the download option from either service, it is necessary to complete the following steps:

  1. Download and install a copy of Adobe Digital Editions (ADE)

Please note the minimum requirements for running ADE:

– to install:

  1. Go to
  2. Select either the Windows or Macintosh version of ADE and select the required version of Adobe Digital Editions to download.
  3. Register for an Adobe ID at:

Downloading and Reading Books in Ebook Central to a PC or Laptop

To download and read books in Ebook Central to a PC or laptop.

NOTE: you must have Adobe Digital Editions installed and be signed in to your Ebook Central account to download.

  1. If accessing an Ebook Central title from the record in the Koha catalogue, use the  SETU network username/password to log in
  2. Search for required title(s) in Ebook Central – all books are available for download.
  3.  Once the full display of the book is opened click on the

     button, or the   link (this will show the maximum time the book can be downloaded for).

  4. Select what kind of device you wish to download onto: 
  5. You will be prompted to install Adobe Digital Editions and create and Adobe Account:If you already installed Adobe Digital Editions and have created an account select Done with this step
  6. Depending on the browser being used different prompts will display to complete the process:
  7. Depending on the browser being used different prompts will display to complete the process: In Google Chrome the following display will appear at the bottom of the screen:

In Mozilla Firefox, the following prompt screen will display:

Click OK to complete the download.


The download will automatically open Adobe Digital Editions and display the book cover once complete.

Downloading an Ebook Central book onto a IoS or Android mobile device

Ebook Central titles can be downloaded directly to mobile devices. 
More information on downloading to an Android device can be found here:

More information on downloading to an iOS device can be found here:

Reading books in Adobe Digital Editions

The main bookshelf display in ADE will indicate what books are currently downloaded:

Note that all downloaded books will indicate how many days are remaining on the download e.g.:

Once the download period has expired, the book will no longer be readable. To return a book early, left mouse click on the book and select the Return Borrowed Item option, e.g.:

To read a book, double right mouse click on the title page. This will open the book.

Ensure that the table of contents icon  is selected, and then use the table of contents to navigate to the required page, e.g.:

Or use the mouse scroll wheel or right-hand screen scroll bar, to move down through the text.

Use the page size icon or Reading drop-down menu to control the display, e.g.:


ext can be highlighted using the mouse (hold down right mouse button while text is selected), then left mouse click to open a drop down menu to allow copying etc. e.g.:

Troubleshooting/Further Information

If any problems are encountered with downloading books into Adobe Digital Editions, it is recommended that the ADE software is uninstalled, and that the My Digital Editions folder and subfolders, (found in the Windows My Documents folder), are deleted, and that a fresh installation of ADE is made.

Further information about ADE can be found at:


Further information on using downloadiing Ebook Central e-books can be found here:

Minimum PC requirements and supported device information for Ebook Central:

Downloadable / Printable Guides