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SETU Libraries : Library Spaces

Information on the network of SETU Libraries

Library Spaces

  • The SETU libraries are central spaces on campus.
  • We recognize that space for both study and collaborative work is important.
  • To facilitate different study needs, our main campus libraries have a variety of study zones including quiet areas and study rooms.

Spaces at Luke Wadding Library, Cork Rd (Waterford)

Quiet Study

  • Over 530 of spaces for quiet study can be found on entrance level and basement level. 

Group Study

  • There are 160 spaces in the open group study area on the top level of the library where students can work together. 

Group Study: Seminar Rooms

  • There are 3 Seminar Rooms, LB18, LB19 and LB21, located on the basement level of the library.
  • Students can book the rooms for group work, practicing presentations etc.
  • The rooms can comfortably fit 8 people and can be booked for 2 hours at a time.
  • Students can make a booking at the library desk in person, by phoning 051 302823 or emailing 

Spaces at College St Library (Waterford)

Quiet Study 

  • There are approximately 87 quiet study spaces in College Street Library

Spaces at SETU Carlow library (Carlow)

The library provides access to a wide range of study spaces which would be useful for various types of study:

Individual study spaces: On the first and second floor, there is several single desks that are used for one person only. 

Group study spaces: On the second and third floors, there are group study spaces that are ideal for any group work your need to do.  

Bookable Group Study Desks: There are 6 group study desks on the first floor that can be booked. They are equipped with whiteboards for group work. BOOK THESE DESKS HERE >>>  

Quiet room: On the ground floor, at the back is the library's dedicated quiet space. This space is ideal when you need to really concentrate on an assignment. Student using the quiet room are asked to work on silent individual study only, not talking is permitted in this space, phones must be kept on silent and no one using this space should take calls.  

The library also provides access to pcs on all floors. Pcs are first come, first served, so keep that in mind. To sign in, all you need is your username and password; if there are any issues, please contact computer support at:  

Noise: Any noise issues in the library should be reported to the library desk or contact us on  

Booking a study desk

You can book a session at the group study desks on the second floor by clicking on the link below. 

Spaces at SETU Wexford (Carlow)

The Wexford campus provides access to a number of spaces as well, with 12 pcs located in the Wexford Campus library and 8 study spaces available as well.