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SETU Libraries : Online Resources

Information on the network of SETU Libraries

Online resources

  • There is a wide range of online resources accessible via the search boxes on the library websites to help you find reliable information when completing your assignments and research projects.
  • Access online library resources off campus 24/7 using your SETU username and password 
  • Important: If you are a student based in Carlow, you will be able to access the online resources available on the Carlow libraries' website and not those on the Waterford library website and vice versa. We are working on extending access for electronic resources across all campus sites for mid 2023.  
  • If you need help using any of the online resources on this page, library support and training are available - see the tab on the right-hand side. 

Databases (Waterford)

Online databases contain a large number of journals and journal articles. These are very important sources of information for assignments and research projects.

An A-Z list of databases is available through the link below. You can access the databases on or off campus with your student username and password.

eBooks (Waterford)

Ebooks are available online 24/7 and can be accessed on or off campus with your student username and password on your laptop, computer, phone, eReader​ or tablet.

Ebook Central is the largest collection of ebooks with over 180,000 titles. To view the ebook collections click on the links below.

E-journals (Waterford)

Off-Campus Access (Waterford)

You can access SETU Waterford Libraries research resources 24/7 from anywhere. Off-campus access to library databases is available from the library database page using your SETU Waterford Network Login.

How to find online resources from SETU Carlow library (Carlow)

The best way to find online resources is through the use of search and find, the library's search service, which searches most of the library's online resources, including journal articles, ebooks and thesis, so whatever you need for your studies can be found here. 

We also have other more subject-specific databases that are more suited to particular subjects. These are laid out in our a-z databases list. 

Please also have a look at this video that gives over to use Search and Find effectively

Off Campus Access (Carlow)

The Library provides access to a wide range of online resources which can be accessed from both on- and off-campus.

Login to all library online resources is done using the SETU network login.

Access to resources from both on- and off-campus requires login: this guide gives a brief explanation of how login works.

Ebooks (Carlow)

The library has access to a wide range of ebooks. A lot of them can be accessed through the use of our multisearch tool

However, the mutlisearch tools don't list all the ebooks we have; alternative sources are available using your username and password as usual.

Also, please look below to see how to effectively use ebook central, one of our biggest ebook databases. 

Institutional repository (Carlow)

Beyond these resources, we also provide access to an institutional repository. This holds a range of outputs from the institute, including freely accessible research and thesis from past students, all of these are free to read and download and may provide some help in your assignments. All of this can be accessed on the repository homepage.

Some other alternative resources can also be found through Open Access. Open access is where scientific articles and books are produced free of charge and, due to this, may provide a supplement to the library's online resources. Open access articles can be found in a variety of ways, as laid out below.