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Law and Legal Studies: Introduction



Welcome to the Library service of the Institute of Technology, Carlow.  The services provided by the Library include book lending, individual and group study facilities, photocopying, information retrieval service and access to a range of online databases.

The Library holds a broad range of resources both printed and electronic to support the subject area of Law. These include books, journals, databases, Law Reports, newspapers and various other items.

Legal literature can be divided into two main categories - primary materials and secondary materials.

Primary materials are the written sources of the law e.g. Acts of the Oireachtas, Statutory Instruments, Law Reports etc

Secondary materials include all other types of legal literature which are not formal records e.g. books, journals, etc

To facilitate the research process, this guide provides a brief outline of how to search for these different types of material.


Featured Law Resource

Check out our featured Law resource

Westlaw IE

Westlaw IE is the most comprehensive and authoritative Irish online legal research service. It provides online access to an extensive collection of legal content including : a collection of case law including renowned reporting series such as ILRM and ILTR giving full text law reports dating back to 1867, consolidated legislation, annotated legislation, a unique collection of journals, relevant news and business information, and a current awareness service updated once a day. Click here for off-campus access. Click here for on-campus access.