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Artificial Intelligence Literacy

This libguide has been developed to provide details on Artificial Intelligence tools, with particular focus on ChatGPT which has implications for assignments, assessment and academic integrity. 

So, what exactly is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence has certainly become a hot topic recently. It has been discussed at length in the media, educational institutions and workplaces across the globe!

Artificial Intelligence is the overall term used for various technologies mimicking cognitive human functions i.e. the ability to study, think in a rational way, use investigative skills, ability and determination. Artificial Intelligence can use vast amounts of information on a much larger scale than humans to produce quite impressive results.   

The AI function uses algorithms, which are step-by-step procedures used to solve a problem and to produce information.  In the computer science world an algorithm is a set list of instructions, used to solve problems or complete documents, based on the understanding of available options. 

We should approach Artificial Intelligence cautiously. Nothing will ever replace the human mind completely and it is important to remember that this technology however sensitive and quick to access vast amounts of information is still reliant on the human interaction.