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Artificial Intelligence Literacy

Benefits of using AI ChatGPT

When AI is used in an appropriate way it can prove very helpful to your area of study. The online library databases and print resources can be used alongside AI contributions where guidelines permit or can be used solely for the majority of work in your assignments. Please be aware that each faculty department will have guidelines in place for assignments and it is best to check the requirements prior to using AI tools in your work. . 

The following ways listed here, showcase positive and effective uses of AI ChatGPT

  • Brainstorming - AI ChatGPT can be used as a starting point for brainstorming for your assignments.
  • Keywords for topics - AI ChatGPT can provide you with the keywords from your topic to assist with searching for data on the online library databases and Google Scholar. 
  • Quick answers - AI ChatGPT can provide answers to your questions and also give you immediate feedback.
  • Language Assistance - This tool can be used to assist you if english is your second language and help to build your confidence in your linguistic skills
  • Assignment Support - AI ChatGPT can act as a resource to let you know you are on the correct lines for an assignment.

** Please check with your individual lecturers and schools regarding use of AI ChatGPT for assignments.