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Artificial Intelligence Literacy

This video explains AI literacy and the importance of this necessary skills for both teachers and students

Applying the CRAAP Principles to critically evaluate AI Data

We must remember to question the information provided by AI technology. It is vital to be discerning of the data relayed from the medium and as we have seen in the 'Limitations' section information can be falsified by AI and sources can be completely incorrect. The information provided by AI ChatGPT does not include new information from 2021 onwards. ChatGPT will only provided data up as far as 2021.

We must use some guidelines to help us to think critically about the information being provided through AI tools and to dig deeper in to the information sources supplying that knowledge to the AI tool. It is advised to apply the CRAAP principles to evaluate that data. 

The CRAAP principles are already widely used to evaluate information and can be applied to the content from AI sources. This method will assist you in developing your AI literacy skills which are defined by Long and Magerho (2022, p.2) as “a set of competencies that enables individuals to critically evaluate AI technologies, communicate and collaborate effectively with AI, and use AI as a tool online, at home, and in the workplace”.

The principles of CRAAP are outlined below.