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Artificial Intelligence Literacy

Citing AI contributions

Currently there are no official citation or reference guides published for AI contributions. What we are seeing from across the globe are AI contributions being cited as personal communications.

So, if you are using AI ChatGPT to formulate some answers to your assignments or as a starting point, you must now begin to acknowledge that “research” and input. So how should you do this?

Harvard Referencing style

At SETU we use the Harvard Referencing style to cite sources of information. See the Credit Where Credit is Due guide for further information.

At present this guide does not include information on how to cite AI contributions. So we have outlined  the citation for Harvard style below. Please be aware that the reference is only included as an in-text citation for Harvard style and is not required to be added to the reference list. 

In text referencing

Rule: Communicator Year pers. comm., Day Month.

Sample: Paraphrase from OpenAI's ChatGPT AI language model 2023 pers. comm., 3 March


**Please check with your individual schools and lecturers if they are accepting AI contributions in your assignments firstly.