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Artificial Intelligence Literacy

Limitations of AI ChatGPT

It is important to be discerning of the output from ChatGPT and to remember this AI tool is still in development with various versions being released as the technology improves over time. We are already seeing a ChatGPT Plus version newly released as a paid subscription available to a minority at present.  

  • Hallucinations – meaning completely incorrect citations and references provided by the ChatGPT tool for sources of information.
  • Bias Bias in input from the user and bias in the output from the consulted sources can affect the validity of the information. 
  • Limitations - ChatGPT is designed to be helpful and wants to aid with your presented queries however it does not acknowledge it’s own limitations. ChatGPT has been known for information falsification, which can be extremely compromising or difficult to decipher in a very specialized subject area. It may only be obvious to certain experts that the information is untrue.
  • Currency of data from ChatGPT - It is important to be aware that ChatGPT has only gathered data up to 2021 and does not include the most recent research conducted in a study field. Over-reliance on ChatGPT and no longer searching for information in traditional ways, can lead to acquiring outdated data.